Skillful Production Team
There are 53 employees, 70% of whom have worked for more than 3 years, and the personnel is stable. Skillfully operate equipment and product assembly, reduce errors and mistakes in production, improve production efficiency and ensure production quality.
Electrical Testing & Aging Test
The main principle is to simulate the sophistication of the mains voltage by providing five voltage areas such as high voltage, low voltage, normal voltage, high voltage impact, roaming monitoring in the aging line body (you can also set the current detection function on the aging line according to the needs of customers), when the lamp passes the voltage detection of the line body, observe whether these products can withstand the impact of these voltages, there are no explosive capacitance, short circuit, blackhead, glow lamp phenomenon, to ensure the quality of the product.
Photoelectric Parameter Testing
1, Integrating Sphere Test
Electrical Parameters (voltage, current, color temperature, CRI, power factor, etc.)
Light Parameters (chromaticity coordinates, dominant wavelength, color purity, color temperature, color rendering, etc.)
2, IES Testing (Illuminating Engineering Society)
Test method used to test the illumination performance of light sources. It can evaluate the luminous efficiency, uniformity, and other parameters of the luminaire, as well as its actual performance under specific uses. 
Packaging and Container Loading
In order to ensure that our customers receive products in perfect condition, we strictly control the packaging materials, packaging details and loading process.
Supply Chain Management
Westyle Lighting has a complete, efficient and high-quality supply chain system. Main materials are sourced from high-quality suppliers to ensure on-time and high-quality delivery of products to our customers.